Now What?

Okay, folks, now that Elk City's had their first day of uniforms in schools, now what do you think?
Do you still hate it?
Do you still love it?
Are you pissed that your kid was dressed to the heel while their classmates seemed to miss the bar?

My kids aren't school aged, nor do I live in Elk City. SO, for those of you who don't live locally, please feel free to leave your thoughts? We've already talked about this once and we want opinions not so close to the fire.


Melissa said... I do think that the kids do look really nice in these, but I miss the options! but can someone please explain why we can't wear pink, purple, yellow, orange, or green?? The colors are so bland! and apparently the kids don't have to wear slacks because there are kids wearing knee length, navy, athletic shorts! I swear people will find a way around everything! I do think that the kids do look really nice in these, but I miss the options!

jen s said...

i like it because it calls out lazy parents. sux that everyone has to suffer cuz tits are hanging out in high school, but now you know what parents aren't paying attention. if their kid breaks the rules, it show they aren't paying attention when the kid leaves home.
that doesn't mean i'm for the dress code. i think it blows. but atleast now we will be able to see exactly which students weren't following thd ole rules. you know they won'[t want to follow now.

Misty said...

I like 'em! I have two young daughters and the oldest of the two STILL changes clothes several times each morning. We have accessorized with shoes, bracelets, and hairbows. The sparkly converse shoes really suits the outfit, don't ya' think. Oh and you were right, some of them still look sloppy as hell!

courtney said...

I think they look great. I do think it does have some parents on theri toes. Some parenst would send their child to school in their pajamas with no bath and hair not combed. I haven't seen any children like that yet this year. the kids all look great. I would like to see more of a variety of colors for the shirts. My oldest daughter accesorized with jewelry, shiny belts, and different colored shoes. I think it was a good thing. It teaches children that they have to folow rules thata re set for them. There isn't really a way to get passed it. I think it helps with the teasing of the children about who dont have the name brand clothes and if they are 'boy' or 'girl' shoes or if one child says the other one looks stupid. They can't do that very well if they look just like em. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I love the new school uniforms! The kids look adorable! The only bad thing is I say "tuck your shirt in" all day long!

Blue said...

i can't imagine a school jumping from a to z without hitting b,c,d, e...why not enforce the dress code? why not ask how school officer larry whitely is dropping the ball saying that "the uniform makes the man" but he can't make school children pull their pants up? even with uniforms they are finding ways around wearing them correctly. "cute"??? cute my ass. what about kids who are over weight? how comfortable would you feel in pants and a tucked in shirt???? cute my ass. what about personal expression? why punish the kids when it's the parents and the system who has allowed these kids to dress that way. who buys their kids pants 3x bigger then their regular size. if you want their clothes to fit by freaking clothes that fit. it's just another way for your government to control you. cute my ass.

crisco said...

Looking nice is NOT THE POINT. The point is the school board should have revised their current dress code to include pants that fit at the waist and no middriff bearing or low cut shirts. Then they should have enforced the dress code the way they plan to enforce this uniform.

This uniform is supposed to promote unity in our schools but the jr. high lets numerous students get by with many uniform violations while bringing down the hammer on others for having the tails of their shirts sticking out. Case in point: while dropping my son off last week I saw a girl going in the doors wearing brown sweat pants with Elk City printed in white down the leg.... my son took a picture of her around lunch time. She wore them all day with no trouble.

Looking nice or adorable has no relevance here. The school board overstepping their boundaries by telling me how to dress my children is an issue. The fact that I now have to spend my hard earned money on items I do NOT want to purchase is an issue. The fact that my overweight child is now upset every morning before school because he looks hideous is an issue.

Grandview tried to make a "free day" they were going to allow kids to buy a homecoming tshirt and if you bought that shirt you could wear it on Friday with jeans. If you didn't buy the shirt you had to wear the uniform. How is that fair? Only kids with $ to buy a school shirt get the benefit of wearing jeans? My family has money, I could have bought all of my kids that shirt but the point is that every child in the school system should be treated the same. After being confronted the school changed their mind and made it a "school spirit" day and everyone was allowed to wear any brown, white or elks tshirt with jeans on that Friday. Not being fair to every single child in our school system is an issue.

Lets stop talking about how cute and adorable these kids are in these uniforms and start talking about the real issues at hand.

Hitler's boys youth army looked cute in their matching uniforms too. That wasn't the issue.

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