The Heat is Melting My Brain

Okay, I realize we are barely midway through June, but I'm already out-0f-my-mind sweltering from this insane heat. And I know as an Oklahoman I should just accept it, after all I could leave this miserable sauna if I wanted. But aside from this constant sweating I love living out here. Well that and the never-ending wind, but at least there is possibility of profit from that in the future.
From the time the thermostat starts busting through 100 degrees, which comprises of nearly 1/3 of our year here in Okieland, I have a constant headache. I'm sure you are thinking that's a bit melodramatic, but I swear it's true. On top of that, I have this husband who is all concerned with keeping our energy costs low, damn him, and therefore expects the temp to be sat at some absurd 75. Maybe I can use some of this savings to repair my brain once it explodes from prolonged heat stroke.
Ridge has a t-ball practice tonight and, as the coach, I guess I have to go run around in this miserable nonsense.


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