Now THAT is a Marriage!

Congratulations to Phyllis and Dell, whose 55 year committed relationship was fortified in marriage for the second time today. No, they didn't split and then reunite like most second-time ceremonies. They aren't renewing their vows. Their first wedding was annulled by a court. Phyllis and Dell, who are the publishers of The Ladder, have accomplished a feat few heterosexuals cam claim -- a lifelong union. I sincerely hope that their marriage isn't dissolved by California voters in November when a question will be on the ballot to possibly make gay marriage illegal through the state constitution, which to me is about as unconstitutional as it gets. Phyllis and Dell, it is my complaint and grievances that this could be taken from you once again. My praise, though, is for the example I take from you in my own marriage. Your love and commitment to one another is truly inspirational.


Mollie said...

Only a theocracy attempts to dictate who can marry who. Marriage and divorce are civil, not religious matters and should not be governed by the morals of the obviously deluded (which is what belief in god is, a socially accepted, mass delusion). Marriage has been removed from the religious sphere since the time of Henry VIII when he broke from Rome and formed the Church of England. Those who call this a "Christian" nation (e.g. McCain) are scandalously short on history and long on narcissism. These people need to pick up the (US not state) Constitution of this nation they are so proud to belong to and try something novel--READING IT.

Shonda Little said...

Well, first I want to note for all that I am a person of faith.
That said, I don't believe this is a religious matter. My belief in God is the love is patient, love is kind jazz. Love thy neighbor as thy love thy self. That stuff. I mean, there are soooo many things the Bible and other religious instructions tells us not to do that are perfectly legal, i.e. divorce, premarital s-e-x, judging others, thou shalt not kill (death penalty), eating enchiladas (thou shall not eat milk of the mother with meat of the calf), shrimp (thank God for 'em, I love the little bastards), sex while Aunt Flow's in town. I could go on and on.
But you definitely sound all smart and liberal and godless for shiz, Mollie.

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