Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Or, is a picture just worth $140 for a barrel of oil?
In case you are wondering who all this hand-holding is with, that's be the King of Saudi Arabi, King Abdullah.

I've had the smaller photo saved for a while. The other was taken in the early summer of this year and there are a few more of these two love birds holding hands on the web. Now, for all you Bushies who still maintain that his poor policies have nothing to do with all this, don't go emailing me manipulated numbers you received in some forwarded email that you yourself did no research for. I really posted this for laughs. Well that and the fact that if Ba-ROCK was holding hands every other month with the Muslim dude who is currently putting it to us like the shamed sheep in the barn, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would probably have a heart attack. Hey, there's an idea. Anyways, this is just for laughs. I mean, that's what you have to do when you realize that the stock market had the worst June since the Depression, right. And just in case these two little prizes didn't crack a smile on your concrete face, go ahead and watch this little video. I mean, it is Citizen Cane classic. The climax to me is when they seriously start kissing at the end. Maybe this is why that Iranian asshole thinks there no gays in his shitty little country. Apparently it isn't weird for men to hold hands each time they hang out and periodically kiss on the big, fat lips.
On a side note, I'm pretty for sure we are gonna auction one of the boys or one of our kidneys to sow wheat this summer. I don't know how well either will work considering the time they spent in my poor, mistreated body, but I gotta do something. The talking heads on CNBC just predicted $185 oil by the end of the summer. The Dow fell nearly 400 points today, so you can just imagine what that would do to this markets. So, this is my service to you. Apparently we can't fix it, at least for a long while, so you might as well laugh.


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