The uneasy Israeli-Irani Situation

As though crude oil futures weren't already on an unstoppable climb into the oblivion, it has been reported this morning that apparently Israel is planning on air striking Iran. Now, don't get me wrong, I've preached all along that Iran was a bigger threat than Saddam Hussein and his league of plastic army men, but I also strongly believe this is not the time for further conflict in that region.

I also realize I might bear a little criticism for, well, criticizing Israel for potentially making the move. Those who did shake their finger at me will cite Iran's loony leader whose name I won't even begin to spell correctly and his inflammatory statements about Israel and the Holocaust. As appalled as I was, too, with, there are to this point just words. Beyond that, Israel isn't always innocent in the region. I strongly believe they have the right to defend themselves and I also realize they are engulfed by other nations who don't think they have a right to exist. But, with that said, Israel has one thing they do not: One big, bad, ass-kickin' uncle, Sam. And ole Israel is Sam's favorite nephew. And it's not because of some Old Testament Bible verse about God striking down the enemy of his chosen nation, either. It is, however, about lobby dollars. I don't know when the other minorities are going to figure out this pay-to-play game.

While Israel must be on a constant watch for terrorist, they also encourage this behavior by over-reaction. For example, one Israeli soldier was kidnapped by Hamas and Israel bombed Beirut back to the Stone Age. Thousands of innocent civilians died and a city that had just rebuilt itself from decades of wars lost all progress. And while I agree that the Jewish people deserve a state of their own, I can certainly see where losing land that had been in your family for hundreds of years for them to achieve that would be infuriating. I mean, I'm out of the Oklahoma farming bloodline. I understand how certain land just becomes part of your identity. And that just stems from a few generations of my clan. Oklahoma itself is only 100 years old. Yo

Our own National Security Estimates that have now been released to the public states that Iran quit its nuclear program nearly four years ago. Then, in a strange twist of events, Barack Obama of all people has been talking tougher than George W. Bush about Iran's deadly path of nuclear and biological weapons. Of course, he was speaking before the American Israel Public Action Committee when he did all this chest-beating, Rambo shit talking. I'm sure the donations just started rolling in. You know I'm an Obama Momma, so don't think this is me turning on him. But, I also want you to understand that my eyes are open wide enough to see that they all have faults. Just like a marriage, you don't need to go into an election like a star-crossed lover with delusional notions of perfection in your head. In neither a spouse or a president is perfection possible. One time Bill pissed me off enough to change my registration to Republican. No, it wasn't when he caught in the little Monica fib. I'm a solid believer that presidents of both genders, assuming we ever have a woman, should be "pleased" often in order to prevent unholy shit storms like we are currently trying to seek shelter from. I did this the day after Columbine, when I realized he bombed Sarajevo to the ground while the American people were focused on our homegrown bloodshed. But, I went back down to the tag office and switched back before I even received the new card in the mail.

From what I gather, Israel's conviction is destroying any possible nuclear facilities before weapons are created because they feel they couldn't protect themselves if Iran did possess them. It is like they want to buy some time. Like I said, I totally get that, but on the other hand, Israel is a nuclear country. I'm sure if you were an Iranian, you would be worried about this. In all wars, men who start wars aren't the ones who pay the most sacred prices for them. It's been 60 years since the Fat Man and the Little Boy were dropped on Japan and they are still suffering from the nuclear fall-out caused by the two atom bombs. Statistics into the 1990s credited that at least 9% of Japan's current causes of leukemia were caused by the contamination from the bombs. I'm sure like all technology, the last 6 decades has produced a greater capability as far as the destruction these bombs could cause. But, with that said, I also believe that we, THE WORLD, are already in tense situation. Truthfully, I've been surprised up to this point that the war hasn't spread to even more nations. And don't think it is impossible. After all, World War I erupted after some starving peasant killed some archduke that most the world had never heard of.

I've always thought about these sort of things, but the births of my sons often renders me obsessed with them. So let us all pray the hot-headedness of a few men don't lead to the deaths of thousands, not to mention crater economies through the fallout of these oil prices.


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