Sleep, Interrupted

So, last night my man played cards with his friends. Although this sort of activity can annoy me at times, when he has been going a lot and I can see the boys miss him, but it is nice at times, too. Gives me a little alone time in the evening with the boys. And, even better, I get to sleep in the bed by myself for a while.
Well, I watched a little Frasier and dozed off. At around 12:15 am, when I had just drifted off, my phone started lighting up like Southwestern Bell and I thought I heard someone banging at our door. Just as I was realizing this, I heard my mother-in-law calling my name through my bedroom window. When I groggily responded, she told me a tornado was heading our way.
Just as I leaped from bed, my phone rang again. It was my dad. Now, by nature, he is a lecturer, so as I am trying to jump into moving at the speed of sound, he is telling me about how I should be sleeping next to my phone (I was) and that, little girl, a tornado is coming right by you.
Glenda grabbed Ridge and I grabbed Rolan. We were out the door literally within a minute from the moment I realized what was going on.
Glenda's new home has a safe room in it, Thank God!! While we do have a cellar on the place and I'd definitely emerge in it for the safety of my darling, darling sons, but the safe room is just so much more convenient with little boys. It's more comfortable. We can keep a better handle on the clouds above us and have quicker access to safety. The bathroom is right there and if someone gets hungry, a life doesn't have to be risked to ease the fit. So, Glenda laid down a few blankets and pillow for the boys. Ridge went immediately back to sleep and Rolan behaved as though he might. After the boys were comfy and cozy, I hit my cheek bone on a fireproof box, so if I end up with a black eye, don't think Rowdy's turned Ike Turner.
Although we tried to be as still and quiet as possible to keep the boys resting, Rolan still woke up. For the most part, he sat on my lap. I want to thank all those you called or contacted me during all this, including the beautiful bride Kassie Jackson Lee, whose wedding photos are on that page. Anyways, Rowdy had called in the middle of this and informed me that in 20 minutes, 30 max, we'd be out of danger. Fantastic! I still remained as still as possible to keep my roaming Rolan in place. Eventually I looked at my clock. Thirty minutes had passed, so I called my husband again. He was suppose to call me when the threat had moved onto to reek havoc in someone else's slumber, but I guess he got busy. Once he answered, he looked at the tv. Yup, the danger was gone. So, then I went looking for Glenda. I knew her husband was opting not to get out of bed unless tornadoes were literally swirling around the house. I crept through the house. No Glenda. I thought maybe she was outside. She was not. Where was she, you ask? In bed. So, I wake her up and she agrees to bring Rolan and me home. Ridge spent the night in the safe room.
Now, you might be wondering why I am filing this under complaints and grievances. To be honest, I don't really know. I thought it was a borderline myself in between the home page and this one. But, in the end, I opted with this because it took me another damn hour to go back to sleep. I had been so excited about all the Rowdy-free rest, but I had been robbed of like 2 1/2 hours. However, I'm very thankful for our safety and those who tried to warn us. THANKS!


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